Legislation for Companies in Denmark2018-11-07T13:13:07+00:00


– cultivation, processing, distribution, storage and sale

The explanation why Danish cultivation of cannabis was approved along with the trial scheme, is that we might as well cultivate cannabis for ordination as it would provide both more affordable products and Danish jobs.

Cannabis Denmark has the same agenda, as it makes it far easier to get varied available high quality cannabis for a research in Denmark.

There are two different schemes, the Development scheme and the Trial scheme. It is relatively easy to obtain a license for the Development Scheme, which means that you practice the cultivation and begin its facility building. When done, you apply for inspection in relation to the Order on Processing, Distribution and Sales.

It’s not an easy business to start up and several of the cultivators who have obtained a license have a collaboration with foreign manufacturers or investors.

The high demands require both hard work, sleepless nights and a big investment. You start a business as an enterprise in an unknown world. There are procedures for all links in the chain, and you can take care of the entire chain or parts of the chain as an enterprise.

In 2019, it is also expected that a law on the export of cannabis bulk and products will come into effect.