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Ongoing Research Studies in Denmark

There are several research studies in Denmark that deal with cannabis for medicinal purposes.
Below is an overview:


Eva Maria Meier Carlsen, Ph.D. stud. University of Copenhagen
Cannabis’ effect on the neural networks of the spinal cord that control our movement.

Peter Vestergaard Rasmussen & Kristina Bacher Svendsen, Senior Physician, Neurological Department Aarhus University Hospital
The effect of medical cannabis on neuropathic pain and spasticity in patients with MS and patients with spinal cord injury. A multicenter national placebo-controlled study.

Sinikka Kvamme, Ph.D. stud., Center for Drug Research, Aarhus
Questionnaire survey “The Danes’ use of cannabis a medication”

Helle Riisgaard, Post.doc. Research Unit for General Practice, Odense
Questionnaire Study “Doctors and Patients’ Experiences, Knowledge and Attitudes towards Medicinal Cannabis”

Jonathan Vela, Doctor, PhD Stud., Rheumatologist Department of Aalborg University Hospital
CBD’s effect on pain and inflammation in patients with palpitations and psoriasis arthritis.

Karoline Hesthaven, Research Assistant, Center for Clinical Research, Regional Hospital Nordjylland
Retrospective study of patients followed in the Pain Clinic by Specialist Tina Horsted.

Peter Leutscher, Professor, MD, PhD Center for Clinical Research, Region Hospital Nordjylland
Nordjysk Medical Cannabinoid Project – a study of cancer patients’ reaction to cannabis as a supplement to  conventional palliative treatment.

Oliver Hendricks Chief of Specialists, Research Director, PhD, King Christian X’s Gigthospital Project CAN-ART.
A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study investigating the effect and safety of cannabis in rheumatoid arthritis and back pain.

Søren Sindrup & Kanita Zubcevic, Senior Doctor & PhD. stud., Neurological Department, Odense University Hospital
THC / CBD for pain relief in peripheral neuropathic pain

Gregers Wegener, Aarhus Universitet, Psykiatrisk Hospital
Understanding the therapeutic mechanisms of Cannabidiol in Depression