Advisory Board

Cannabis Danmark has set up an advisory board for patients consisting of patients and relatives. 
The Advisory Board is to advise the Secretariat and the Board. They are not only our ears and eyes as patients and relatives, they also know what is happening among other patients and relatives. The Advisory board has access to both medical professional help and legal help.
In Cannabis Danmark’s secretariat, Marianne Højgaard Jensen is in charge of the primary patient contact and distribution of questions to the right people. She is also the one who has the daily contact with the advisory board. 
The Advisory Board also takes care of the annual patient donation and plays a very important role in Cannabis Danmark’s work. 
Currently, Cannabis Denmark’s patient advisory board consists of: 


Julie EidChairman Julie Eid 
Mother of ‘Miv’ who unfortunately had to succumb to cancer. It left a large collection that should have been used for expert help abroad. 
The committee behind the collection – “Mivs soldiers”, decided to donate part of the collection, DKK 130,000, for research in cannabis for children with cancer. These funds are in a closed account and are waiting for a research protocol and co-financing.


Martin MogensenMember Martin Mogensen 
Suffering from the debilitating disease dystonia. Has been trying for a number of years to obtain medical-ordinated cannabis for the remediation of her disease, so far without any results. 
Martin is keen to get informed and educate Danish doctors to be far more open to cannabis prescription.



Maj-Britt SandersMember Maj-Britt Sanders 
Mother of a child with epilepsy and administrator of Epilepsy corner
Fighting for doctor-prescribed cannabis for children with epilepsy, so that parents will not resort to the illegal market of uncontrolled cannabis when conventional treatment does not work.



Member Birgit Mejnert

Background in social work as a consultant, advisor and manager. Latest, she has worked with people who have been out of the work force due to illness over an extended period of time.

Has experience with the use of cannabis for medicinal use, both CBD in connection with neuropathic pain and THC in connection with her husband’s struggle with cancer.



Member of the secretariat Marianne Højgaard Jensen 
Suffers from the very severe degenerative nervous disease CPRS after a simple surgery that went wrong. Cannot currently get prescribed medical cannabis. 
Has for many years worked for the cannabis law for medicinal use, helped patients stuck in the system and has created a great international patient network primarily in the field of children and cannabis.