Board of Directors

Cannabis Denmark’s Board of Directors and Secretariat
(from the left: Marianne Højgaard Jensen (volunteer, Patient Advisory Board), Lars Hvidtfeldt, Rikke Jakobsen (CEO), Per Falholt, Ritt Bjerregaard (ambassador), Torben Lippert, Søs Egelind, Claus Bindslev). Not pictured: Tue Byskov Bødkær and Hans-Erik Schmidt. 

Claus Bindslev – Chairman

Director of Nextstep by Bindslev and welfare contractor for 20 years.

Why I am a part of Cannabis Denmark: Cannabis for medicinal use is a natural cause to put on the agenda in Denmark. As a welfare contractor and because of the range of logical arguments, it made sense to push the case. It is my experience that a small organization can fight a big cause. There is a need for an organization that can become a trusted partner for the media, for researchers and for politicians. We speak for the entire value chain. My experiences from Fair Fishing can help Cannabis Denmark. Of course, we must fight for patients to access cannabis for medical use.

Lars Hvidtfeldt – Vice Chairman

Owner of the estate Kirstineberg A/S. Board positions in a number of other boards. Amongst others, Former Vice Chairman of the Agricultural Council, Deputy Chief of Agricultural Policy Department, Assistant Director at the Agricultural Councils Office in Brussels, Director of the Sydhavsøernes Agricultural Association as well as Secretary General of ECORD. Cand.agro.

Why am I a part of Cannabis Denmark:
I would like to help other people. Here is a cause where there is an obvious need and where I can help make a difference to other people. At the same time, I am a farmer and represent farmers and gardeners in Denmark, and since we have the opportunity to contribute with the raw materials, I find an additional need to go into Cannabis Denmark. We need to support doctors to be able to prescribe the correct preparation for a given treatment. We can do that in Cannabis Denmark by gathering existing knowledge and evidence, as well as initiate projects that will provide new knowledge.

Tue Byskov Bødkær – Vice Chairman

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Per Falholt – Board Member

Founder of Per Falholt Global R & D Advisory Services A / S. Expertise area is R & D and Innovation with many years of experience in developing and launching new products. as research director at Novozymes A/S. Passionate about chemistry/biotechnology
Great commitment to education in science. Active in a wide range of boards including: DTU, DHI, Danfoss, Universe Science Park, Cytovac and Chairman of ATV’s Science & Engineering Project

Why I am a part of Cannabis Denmark: Focus on the cause and the list of good things related to it. Can help to find out how the product works best and aim to make a standardized quality product for the benefit of patients and society as a whole.

Søs Egelind – Board member

Actor, director, author and lecturer. Has run an organic farm for 15 years. Board member of World Animal Protection for 8 years. Former cancer patient and initiator of Cannabis Denmark.

Why I am a part of Cannabis Denmark: I have felt on my own body what cannabis can when you are cancerous and in chemotherapy. Too many desperate patients are fumbling in the dark to find alternatives to often useless conventional medicine with severe side effects. It forces them into crime. It is stigmatizing and inhuman. I am pleased that we can move towards a legalization in Cannabis Denmark, to inform and provide the basis for research to the benefit of the many patient groups. It helps to shout out lovingly!

Torben Lippert – Board member
Secretary of the Danish Gardeners since 2012. Has previously worked in the Trade Association in a number of different contexts. Graduate from the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, now the University of Copenhagen.

Why I am a part of Cannabis Denmark: In the horticultural industry, we have seen what happens with the production and use of medical cannabis abroad. The business is convinced that this production has a future in Denmark. We see Cannabis Denmark as the right place to focus on this cause.

Hans-Erik Schmidt – Board Member

Independant entrepreneur, lecturer and creative passionate soul with many years experience in entrepreneurship – especially for youth to promote skills and show that you have to believe in and act on your personal projects and dreams.  Founder of Norvigroup A/S, and other large companies among others in Singapore with focus on hightech innovation in textiles, health and well-being as well as a great interest in and huge knowledge of space technology.

Why I am a part of Cannabis Denmark:

I am a part of Cannabis Danmark because I see a huge potential in creating healthy and budding grounds for the use and the research in medical cannabis for Danish patients. I have seen from the side lines how cannabis can benefit different patient groups and that it can make a huge difference for a single patient. I have great respect for the work Cannabis Danmark does both as advisors and knowledge center and the organisation is a credible communication partner for both researchers, the industry and politicians. This is a cause that deserves research and development and I am pleased to be a part of it.

Ritt Bjerregaard – Ambassador

Former member of parliament, Minister of Education, Minister of Social Affairs, Minister of Food Products, EU commissioner and Mayor of Copenhagen. Former board member in Cannabis Danmark. 

Why I am a part of Cannabis Denmark: Cannabis can help patients with different disorders, and it is used today and bought on the black market. It is not worthy and too risky for the patients. Therefore, cannabis should be given as a prescription from a doctor. And of course, it should be cultivated in Denmark – hopefully, this will also make the cannabis more affordable. I am happy to be part of Cannabis Danmark so that progress can be made.