Cannabis Danmark – an Interest Organization

Patients and relatives

We are interested in helping patients to get legally prescribed medical cannabis and share the knowledge we have in the field. Cannabis Denmark is not a patient organization – knowledge of the many different diseases lies with the patient organizations with which we cooperate. For Cannabis Denmark, getting the patients moved from the illegal market to legal prescription is crucial, making fact-based information about medical cannabis available, correcting misinformation, and promote the good conversation between patient and doctor.

Cultivators and side industries for production

We promote knowledge of medical cannabis, its ingredients, its use and research. Therefore, we are not an industry organization. But we do believe that it is necessary to cooperate with the industry and raise awareness of Danish production to the outside world in order to achieve our level of ambition, in which Denmark is the best and largest in Europe within production, research and prescription of cannabis in as high a quality as possible at far lower prices for patients than we see today.

Doctors and researchers

We communicate knowledge and networks, facilitate education and research funding to pass on knowledge and evidence in favor of medical cannabis. Doctors and researchers are key people in spreading and developing cannabis into a vital medical tool for the benefit of patients in the future. It requires information, research and education, which Cannabis Denmark will help step by step in facilitating in collaboration with the healthcare networks, associations, institutions and organizations that want it.

Authorities and legislators

Cannabis Denmark’s network is large both nationally and internationally. Therefore, we have a great overview of both the situation now among stakeholders and how we proceed to help patients in Denmark as well as make Denmark the lead in Europe within production, research and prescription. Fortunately, there is a unique overall great political benevolence for promoting medical cannabis, and we have good cooperation with both authorities, government and political parties. We are always available for help.