Cannabis Danmark – an Interest Organization

Patients and relatives
Cannabis Denmark is not a patient organization. We have knowledge about cannabis for medicinal use, but not of all different diseases. However, we are interested in helping patients be able to get legal cannabis prescribed and share our knowledge.

Caultivators and side industry for production
Cannabis Denmark is not an industry organization. We promote knowledge of medical cannabis and its ingredients, as well as the use and research to the outside world. We do not promote a specific business’ interests and earnings.
However, we do generally work together on how to get the best quality at as low a price as possible for the patients.

Phycisians and researchers
Cannabis Denmark is not a healthcare organization. We do not handle the general terms and interests of phycisians and researchers. However, we do communicate knowledge and network, facilitate education and research funding to spread knowledge and evidence for the benefit of cannabis for medicinal use.

Authorities and legislators
Cannabis Denmark is neither a political project nor an authority. However, we do cooperate with the government, the political parties and authorities to get the best conditions for spread of knowledge, job creation, business development and cannabis research for medicinal use in Denmark.