The Danish Drug Administration has published a guideline to doctors who want to prescribe cannabis. It is available here. (Danish only)

To support a further need for guidance in prescriptions and dosage, we have gathered material from Health Administrations in other countries, who have legalized cannabis for medicinal use.

Below are guidelines from Australia and Canada as well as other relevant material and links about interactions, adverse effects and research evidence.

We will update the guidelines when necessary.

Guidelines from Australia


Guidelines from Canada     

Guidelines from Queensland, Australia

Adverse effects and interactions

Guide Cannabinoid drug interactions


Evidence collection

Lectures from CannX 2018

  • Nadav Eyal, speaking on “Eybna Technologies on Bio-control Program in Cannabis” here.
  • Adi Aran speaking on cannabis for medicinal use for children with autism here.
  • Moving lecture on Canadian veterans suffering from PTSD, who have been treated with cannabis here.
  • David Meiri speaks about “The Science Behind the Entourage Effect” her.
  • Prof. Donald Abrams CannX 2018 on cancer studies here.