Our Goals

Cannabis Danmark‘s goal is to make Denmark a leading country in the development and use of cannabis for medicinal use for the benefit of treating patients by working throughout the value chain from plant to patient.

Cannabis Danmark is working to develop framework conditions for the cultivation and distribution of cannabis for medicinal use as a high-quality product, including promoting Danish and international research results and the potential for Danish business. With the right cooperation between authorities, health care, industry, agriculture, researchers, and patients in the development of the most effective medicinal varieties for given diseases, it is possible to get Denmark into the major league, and thus pave the way for creating improved quality of life in the lives of many patients – every day!

A. Collect and support research results and evidence in Denmark and internationally

The research regarding the cannabis plant for medicinal use is far behind in relation to demand. There is already a lot of research on cannabinoids and cannabis as a drug, but very little medical research, especially in the natural cannabis plant.

The reasons include prohibition, plant complexity, lack of funds, lack of interest and absence of patentability.

Cannabis Denmark will launch new Danish research into the medicinal properties of the cannabis plant and collect already existing research and scientific indications from home and abroad.

B. Collect and share information about cannabis for medicinal use to patients, politicians, businesses and the healthcare system

Few know a lot and many know very little. Until a few years ago, both politicians and the media described cannabis for medicinal use simply as “hash oil” or “hash medicine”. Today, we have come a step further. However, the cannabis plant for medicinal use is a complex size, so real knowledge and information have been lost in the debate and in the face of an ever-increasing number of illegal sellers and so-called “therapists”. Missing and unprofessional knowledge creates uncertainty, prejudices or unrealistic expectations of cannabis as a medical miracle.

Cannabis Denmark will build a foundation of proven knowledge to the public, the health care professionals, politicians, the media and especially to patients.

C. Support innovation and development of commercial activities with cannabis for medical purposes

Since the publication of the upcoming state-of-the-art trial program, and especially the later publication of Danish cannabis cultivation for medicinal use, the business community has begun to contribute and exploit opportunities in this new area. Abroad, there has long been focus on innovation, both in the field of cultivation and in the business sector. The green rush holds great potential, as Denmark has the prerequisites for meeting our high standards, innovation, understanding and good entrepreneurship.

Cannabis Danmark will support and be available to businesses in the form of knowledge about cannabis for medicinal use, facilitation of cooperation and development as well as international PR and the like.

D. Collect and distribute support for financially challenged patients

Illness is challenging, whether you are a patient or a relative. Some patients need extra financial support for psychological help, childcare, cleaning, recreation or the like for a period of time.

Cannabis Danmark will facilitate financial support for patients using cannabis for medicinal use or patients participating in cannabis trials.